About Gospel Servants

Jude S. C. Asogwa and his wife Judith I. Asogwa with their partners have devoted themselves as gospel servants to take the WHOLE GOSPEL to the WHOLE WORLD. The gospel servants are committed to extending and strengthening the faith in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. As Catholic Trained Evangelizers Jude and Judith are making impacts in the lives of people through Kerigma and Catechesis. Having been trained by Mary’s ministry International on discipleship and missionary formation Evang Jude S, C, Asogwa is raising people within and outside the Church to be committed to the New Evangelization. The gospel servants have a major focus on outreach in Africa.

Africa , a continent dominated by violence, political instability , poverty , hunger and poor education no doubt seem to be the hope of the Catholic Church. Despite all odds , the faith seem to be growing . In Nigeria for instance the Catholic Church and the Christian faith is not only growing but vocations to priesthood, religious life and lay missions are highly on the increase. However, with civilization and advancement both in technology and science, the faith is likely to suffer from gradual substitution with modern life. If the faith is not strengthened and extended with new Zeal , Method and Expression as emphasized in the New Evangelization of Pope John Paul II, there is the danger that Catholicism and Christian Moral Values will be relegated to the background before the next five decades. The Catholic Church in Africa, most especially in Nigeria are facing serious challenges from new generation churches springing up daily. The gospel servants are committed to strengthening and extending the faith in Africa.

As practicing Catholics, active leaders in the Charismatic Renewal and commissioned Catholic Lay Evangelizers, Jude and Judith travels round , extending and strengthening the faith in different prayer groups, parishes, deaneries and dioceses in Nigeria. These they do through Retreats, seminars, crusades, conferences and revival programs both for the laity, religious and priests in societies and parishes. Jude was a major speaker in the 9th National Conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria held at the National Charismatic Center at Ubulu-uku in Delta state with over one hundred and fifty thousand participants. He has served as major speaker in diocesan, provincial and national Catholic and Charismatic Events. They have equally affected many in some other African countries through their ministry of preaching and writing. In order to make greater impacts in Africa and world at large, one of their publications; WHERE IS THE GOD OF ELIJAH?, has been translated into French language.
Our outreach team is committed to reaching every part of the world through the following outreach programmes

The Lord Jesus commissioned his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, Evangelist Jude and Judith, and the outreach team have positively touched lives in different countries of the world.
Our evangelization drive is to reach out to people in different parts of the world who are yet to be evangelized . We do this in the Spirit of New Evangelization and in response to the call by the church fathers for the renewal of the Church’s missionary commitments in different parts of the world, especially in those countries where the faith is dying as a result of civilization, threats from other religions and economic challenges. There is no doubt that the fire of God’s love need to rekindle in our hearts and in our various churches.

As Catholics and members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria , we are primarily committed to reawakening the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit in our various churches and Charismatic meetings through the following:
Life in the Spirit Seminar Teachings
Holy Spirit Baptism (Praying over)
Growth Seminar
Retreats, Workshops , Revivals and crusade events
With ecumenical focus, we reach out to every Christian regardless of denomination and affiliations. Through the undiluted word of God , effective prayer ministration, inspiring songs , many have been saved , healed and delivered from demonic afflictions.

We effectively reach out to individuals and families with Powerful deliverance ministration for breaking of yokes, ancestral curses and total family liberation and restoration. Testimonies of what the Lord is doing are coming from different parts of the world.
There is no doubt that God is eager to bless you through our different ministries. To book for outreach events contact the following team members:
Evang. Ikechukwu Eze 08034321301
Bro. Moses Oyon 08038239702