I fixed a traditional marriage with my wife on April 11 2004. But I noticed that since I proposed marriage to my wife Judith, I was often confronted in the dream by an old woman and sometimes by a mad person. I also noticed that there were a lot of spiritual oppositions to the marriage. I then decided to embark on a 40-day fasting and prayer along with my prayer partners. The fasting and prayer was given the theme: ‘Where is the God of Elijah? Operation Power Must Change Hands”. The fasting coincided with the Lenten period of that year since the traditional marriage was to hold on Easter day. Several revelations came to us and through our prayer partners of an evil intention to either poison or harm my wife on that day. In fact it was so clear and consistent that some people became afraid. But God assured us to proceed. We intensified our fasting and prayers against untimely death, accident, physical and spiritual attack, etc. God answered the prayers as everything went on successfully as planned. The journey was successful, the wedding was held two months later and we are now happily married for six years with three children; Joshua, Joy and Judith. To give others the opportunity to be blessed, I decided to publish the prayer as a book. When I went to church to present this book to the Lord , the Holy Spirit spoke to me that the book would go far. To God be the Glory!


As the Diocesan Chairman of Zaria Diocese, I introduce a yearly one month prayer project from 1st of January. I sold the idea of using the God of Elijah prayer manual for the 2005 prayer exercise which was adopted by the Service Team.   Both Charismatic and non Charismatic members joined in the fasting and prayer which began on January 1st and lasted till 10th of February 2005. It was subsequently concluded with three days diocesan prayer camping in Soba, Zaria.  There was a mighty visitation of God’s power on the people. Many lives were touched during the event and many more experienced deliverance from spiritual oppressions. Others equally experience both physical and spiritual break through after the prayers. Power has indeed changed hands.


A Brother who was married with three children received a job appointment in Latin America after the 40 days God of Elijah diocesan prayer project of 2005. This brother who was living comfortably well in the past suddenly found his financial and carrier empire crumbled. Not only that he sold his car, he couldn’t even afford to pay for his house apartment, and even to eat was also a problem.  He with his children and wife decided to share a two bedroom apartment with a woman and her children who were equally passing through difficult times.  Meanwhile the brother gave his life to Christ and became actively involved in the Charismatic Renewal in 2004. His wife was previously a member.

When the Diocese declares the forty days prayer in January 2005, they took the prayer so serious and believed God that power must change hands in their lives. During the end of the prayer camping I was led to declare prophetically that God was opening an international door of breakthrough to someone. The brother told me later that he echoed amen with great conviction that God was talking to him. Few months later he received a letter of appointment to work in a hospital in Trinidad and Tobago, South America.  He was issued visa to travel which he did.

Few months later he called to inform me that the government had granted him both permit and visas for his family. I prayed with the family and they left. This man who was reduced to nothing by the devil regained his glory. I was  glad when he sent me some amount of dollars appreciating my ministry. I was much more glad when he sent an amount of money to the fellowship in order to assist needy members.  Power indeed changed hands in His life. It shall be so for you in the name of Jesus Christ.


After holding a revival programme for two days at Sacred Heart Parish Odoapku Onitsha in 2005, I returned to Zaria only to receive a phone call from a young business man who narrated how God arrested an old evil man in his village on the last day of his prayers.

This young man had done business for long without results. He narrated to me that it became so terrible that he vowed that the situation must change. He embarked forty days prayer and fasting with “Where is the God of Elijah” prayer project and declared on daily bases that enough is enough. On the last day of his prayers an old man in his village collapsed, and when he was resuscitated he summoned the villagers for confession. According to the young business man, the old man confessed that he was responsible for the terrible stagnancy and non achievement among the youths of the village. He has vowed they would never progress. He pleaded for mercy after his confession as he was under a spiritual assignment. Few months later, the young business man called back to say that power has changed hands in his business. He testified to have witness a miraculous financial recovery. It shall be so for you in the mighty name of Jesus.

A man after graduating from the university as a Pharmacist for seven years could not get a job. He had suffered terribly even though he was in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. He happened to come across the God of Elijah Prayer manual and immediately embarked into prayers.

On the seventeenth day of his prayer his younger brother came to him in tears confessing that she was responsible for his not getting a job. She went further to confess that she was responsible from the death of their Mother. And as soon as she finished her confession, she fell down and died.

Out of shock the man called me and enquired if he should go on with his prayers. I told him to continue. We met at the end of the prayers for the conclusion. I subsequently sent a team to his father’s house in the village. He called back two months later to testify that Power has changed hands in his life. His fortunes were restored to the glory of God as God gave him a good job. It shall equally be your portion in Jesus name.


After conducting a four day Revival program for the Charismatic Renewal Group in our Lady of Fatima Cathedral in Jos, a lady called on phone to narrate how Jesus had healed her from abdominal pain:

“I participated in the four days Parish Crusade you conducted at Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral in Jos from 11th to 14th October 2008.  On the third day when you told us to expect a “spiritual surgery” while the prayer was going one, I expected to be among those slain in the Spirit but unfortunately I wasn’t. I looked forward to a miraculous touch because I had been experiencing pain   and movement on my tummy which had defied medication.  After medical diagnoses nothing was spotted out, So when I didn’t fall under the anointing as did so many, I cried out to go as I was going home not to pass me by.

As soon as a got to my house, I felt a greater movement in my belly; an object was struggling to come out through the anus. I quickly spread a white sheet on the flour and started pushing. To my greatest amazement a living object I came out from my body. The object was like a very big insect and was breathing. This actually marked the end of the abdominal trouble.  “

In January 2008 While I went back to Jos for Revival in Zaramaganda, I decided to share with the congregation what the Lord had done to  the sister . While I was still talking, the coordinator handed over a note telling me that the lady in question said she is around and wants to come out to share her testimony by herself.  She was called out and after her faith-lifting testimonies many experienced the move of God’s power in the church.


After the vigil in Zaramaganda, a man approached me to protest that I didn’t share his testimony with the congregation. I tried to recollect when he said to me: ” Was I not the man who called you after the Fatima Revival that  someone  gave me the some of one hundred and fifty thousand Naira after the programe. I was so much in need that I couldn’t feed but God changed my financial status”

This man had actually called me to give this testimony. So I apologized to him and promised him that I would begin to equally share his testimony with people. Your testimony is next to be shared in Jesus name.  Amen.


A young lady called in tears to lament her predicaments. She narrated her situation which was so touching. She was actually preparing for marriage and decided to go for an HIV test as it is a pre-requisite to wedding in her church in Lagos . When she realized that her HIV status was positive it seemed to her as though the whole world has ended. In fact the marriage committee had scheduled to take her and her would-be husband for test the next few weeks when she decided to privately go for the test before then. Her fears indeed came through. My phone rang one day while I was heading to the Eastern Nigerian from the North for a crusade programme.  And after narrating her story, I told her that Jesus could heal her and that she has to hold firm to Him in faith. I asked her to spend hours daily before the Blessed Sacrament for the next one week after which she should go back to the same laboratory center where the test was earlier conducted. One week later she called back, but this time with excitement to confirm that Jesus had healed her to the amazement of the medical experts.  The same people who confirmed her HIV Positive reconfirmed her negative after prayers. Your impossibilities shall be made possible with faith in Christ Jesus.


A young man who happens to come from the same village with me and who also lives here in Zaria came to my house with his wife to inform me that after Ultrasound scan in the hospital the doctors in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital informed her that her baby laid in a transverse position. They booked her for surgery the next week Friday even though that was her seventh Month of pregnancy. This was to save her and the baby. I invited them for prayers on Tuesday morning and told them that Jesus is able to change her situations. I was also moved by the faith of her husband who rejected the report of the doctors saying it would not be their portion.

When they went back to hospital on Friday, the doctors after reexamining her told her that the surgery would no longer hold as the baby’s position has changed.  Two months later (May 2010) the woman delivered her baby successfully.  To God be the glory.